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Friday, May 8, 2009

Legit Paid To Post Forums

Paid To Post Forums

There is one more way to earn good online money and it is through posting in a site.Here, you will be rewarded for participating in various discussions on the forum.The main thing you have to remember here is to follow the forum guidelines and if you against their rules, you may get banned from the site.So, just follow their rules and be active in legit Paid to Post forums given below and you can really earn good money.

1. Golden Talk-

This Paid To Post forum has been running around for quite a long time. This forum is mainly into discussions on High Yield Investment Programs, HYIPs, Games and Forex Investments. Depending on the post quality they pay you 5-20 cents per each post-which is an excellent rate.There is no daily limit for posts. The Admin here is very honest and the payment requests are usually processed within 48 hours. Whenever one reaches 100 posts, he can make a payment request here and the payment processor is Liberty Reserve.

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2. MyHYIP Forum-

This forum is basically of all the money making ways like PTC, PTP, HYIP, Matrix and Cyclers, Betting, Games etc. Here there is no posting limit for each day like other forums and you can post any number of posts, but you should take care that your post is not a single line post.The Admin is very honest for those of whom who doesn't break the forum rules and regulations.All in all, great site to work in and the Payment for each post is $0.03 and for each thread it is $0.05. One can also earn by referring people. Obey the guidelnies set by the forum and work daily, you will not be disappointed.The minimum payout limit is $5 and the payment processor is Liberty Reserve. All payment requests are processed within a week.

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